Công cụ tốt nhất dành cho Windows 7 Orbit từ "tất cả trong một." Nó chứa một số lượng rất lớn của các chức năng hữu ích và cần thiết, điều chỉnh cho Windows 7.

Tính năng

• System Restore
• Remove Programs
• Activation System
• Enable/Disable UAC
• Removing the caption at the bottom right of your screen
• A very useful program VistaBootPro v3.3, working both on Vista, and 7-ke. The detailed representation is not needed ..
• Activation DreameScene
• Installation Extra and Regional Themes
• Enable/Disable Full Frame Transparency
• Setting Taskbar Icons/Buttons
• Take Ownership
• Admin Tools
• And more.....

Changes in Win Toolkit
*^FIX: Update Installer will not logner try to install corrupt files
*^FIX: Update Catalog will delete corrupt (0 bytes) files when scanning.
*^FIX: ‘Adjust Visual Styles’ tweaks now sets other checkboxes
*^FIX: File not found for Update Installer
*^Re-updated the unmount screen
*^Added ‘Open Mount’ in WIM Manager for mounted images
*^Win Toolkit now remembers form sizes

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Pass: 4r.ketnoitatca.net

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