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Chủ đề: Serato DJ

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    Mặc định Serato DJ

    Serato DJ | Windown | 78 MB
    Serato DJ has a brand new look and a greatly improved software layout, optimized for simplicity and a great experience - The new interface also offers two and four deck view modes for four deck controllers, alongside improvements to the cue point and looping controls, which now allow you to display either 8 cues, 8 loops or a combination of both depending on how you perform.

    Get Inventive with new FX
    Load and customize your choice of high quality FX powered by iZotope including: Delay, Echo, Ping Pong Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Flanger, Distortion, HPF, LPF and a Combo HPF/LPF - Adjust and customize a range of parameters for each effect to shape your sound.

    Hands on Control
    MIDI mapping opens the software up to be mapped to a secondary MIDI controller to take full advantage of all Serato DJs features in your performance and create your own unique workflow.

    Save your work
    Played a great set? Want to share your latest bangers with the world? Save your nights work or record your latest mixtape - In-software recording gives you the ability to save your mix with the click of a button.

    Loop it up
    Take advantage of both auto-looping, which sets loops automatically based on the BPM of the track, and manual looping to create your own custom loops.

    Four Decks
    Mix with up to 4 decks for supported controllers.

    Keep it all together
    Lock your tracks together for seamless grooves - Smart Sync with Beatgrids gives you even more time to get creative - 4 deck mixing has never been better with the ability to create your own special blends of tracks, instrumentals and vocals without the pressure of keeping everything in time too - Less time making it work, more time at the party!

    Serato Video
    Mix music videos or add visuals to your sets - Serato Video support in Serato DJ gives you even more to enrich your performance, connect with the crowd and visualize the music.

    Less time making it work, more time at the party.

    Plays well with others
    Interoperable with Scratch Live, ITCH, DJ Intro and iTunes Music Libraries.

    Stay in Tune
    Access a wealth of free and exclusive promo music at your fingertips on Whitelabel.net.

    Link Download:
    Contact to email: downloadsuport191@gmail[dot]com for support all you need !
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