Released in 51 countries in 18 languages and over 100 million copies sold, the FIFA Football Series is the most popular football game in the world.
History and development

FIFA Soccer, also known as FIFA Soccer, is a sports simulation game series, introduced by EA Sports for the first time on July 15, 1993. At that time, EA Sports's product was the first game to have official license from the World Football Federation.

In the 1993 FIFA International Soccer edition, players can only control their national teams for individual friendly matches (this has not yet been announced by clubs and tournaments).

After the success of the first version, EA continued to release the second generation of FIFA in 1995. A year later, the FIFA 96 version was recognized and authorized by the FIFA World Professional Players Association (FIFPro). EA uses the image of tens of professional players in many world tournaments. This release also marks FIFA's expansion into consoles such as PlayStation, 32X and Sega Saturn.
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