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As you know, 2018 is a year that ICO has been developing rapidly with a huge number of ICO projects was launched. If an ICO project wants to be success, it has to gain the enormous faith from communities. MOZO has been building that faith tower with the ethusiasm supporting from administrators of mmo4me - the biggest making money online forum in Vietnam.

So, how to make money with MOZO?

MOZO Vietnam is being supported by administrators so you can easily earn a lot of tokens by taking part in events that forum helds as:

Event #1: Legend Seeder
Event #2: Signature & Avatar Master
Event #4: MOZO & MMO4ME legend project
Event #5: Latent Author
Event #6: Genuis Sharing

After getting your tokens, the only thing you should do is to wait to August 08th, 2018 - the time when MOZO is offically launched then you can withdraw by BTC/ETH.

Beside that, when the project is offically running, you can buy the tokens directly on MOZO website. MOZO will have 2 stages to sell ICO mainly:

The first ICO stage: The number of tokens will be sold is 700 milion in total. The price will be $0.09.
The second ICO stage: The number of tokens will be sold is 550 milion in total. The price will be $0.12.

When this project gets more and more the attention and faith, the community of ecommerce is going to develop strongly. More and more people will start to invest to buy tokens, as a result, the price will be raised highly, even 2 or 3 times as much as the beginning.

So why don't you start make your own lives better with MOZO by signing up an account and wait to the day that MOZO website opens their first stage of ICO.

Click this link to create your account and create your new lifestyle:

You will be given the very first 30 bonus tokens when signing up.

More information about MOZO in these links:
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