54 New Kaspersky KAV Keys All Version updated april 27

Kaspersky KIS/KAV Activation Keys- UPDATE DAILY

Kaspersky Activation Keys for Kaspersky Internet Secutiry and Kaspersky Antivirus [NEW KEYS] for v7[2008] v8[2009] v9[2010].
Keys were Updated on UPDATE DAILY. All Keys working on 100%.

How To Use Guide:

1)Install "Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, for example"
2)Choose A Key From KIS_7,KIS_8,KIS_9,KAV_7,KAV_8,KAV_9(Choose KIS_8 for Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, for example).
3)Copy The Key And Paste It On Your Desktop (Or Where Ever You Want)
4)Open Kaspersky And Click: License > Merge/delete > "Delete Key" [If You Already
Have A Key Installed] > Activate Using The Key File > Browse [Browse For Your
Key - If You Followed These Instructions It Should Be Located On Your Desktop]


It will take only 7 sec to download file

Hướng Dẫn Download:

1. Tắt Chương trình Download Manager (IDM)
2. Sử dụng Firefox hoặc Chrome để Download
3. Click vào dòng 'Free Lotto - 1 Page Registration'
4. Điền bất kỳ, và đầy đủ thông tin (Không trùng Email)
5. Click vào dòng 'Click To Release Your Winnings'
6. Chương trình tự động Download