Badaboom v2.0.0.126

Badaboom v2.0.0.126 | 35 Mb

Badaboom eliminates the frustration of video conversion by providing users with speed, efficiency, quality, and a sleek new interface. In a practice that used to take several hours, Badaboom converts feature-length movies in a matter of minutes while keeping the videos looking crisp and clear.
By harnessing the power of graphics hardware from NVIDIA and Intel, Badaboom maximizes system resources, which makes transcoding high-quality video fast, easy, and painless.
Badaboom was designed with a few key benefits in mind. Other media converters may show strength in one or two of these traits, but Badaboom goes above and beyond by striving to excel in each area. The application's versatility is unmatched, whether it's transcoding at hundreds of frames per second or converting a video to a resolution of 1080p.
[b]The cornerstones of Badaboom
Transcoding Speed Badaboom is fast! Instead of taking hours to convert a movie to play on your iPod, it can now be done in a matter of minutes. Badaboom 2.0 will support hardware transcoding using 2nd Gen Intel Core Processors as well as NVIDIA Fermi GPUs.
Efficient Use of Your System Resources Badaboom converts video using graphics acceleration available on systems with hardware described here, so you can continue other common tasks without unnecessarily slowing down your system.
Uncompromised Video Quality Whether your Badaboom transcode is using Elemental's H.264 encoder or the Intel Quick Sync Video H.264 encoder, you can rest easy knowing the algorithms being used ensure that videos transcoded using Badaboom maintain the highest possible quality.
Ease of Use and Flexibility The Badaboom new and improved user interface lets you easily drag and drop your video, select a device and go! Alternatively, Badaboom's flexibility lets you easily customize your settings.
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